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A Look Back at 2017 + Reader Survey!

Happy New Year, friends! I am NOT going to start this post with some cliché saying about how this year just flew by...(but it did, didn't it?!). A lot happened. And for me, the winter break flew by as well. I like to take that awkward lull in between Christmas and New Year's to plan the upcoming year and digest what went on that year, but I didn't really have the time this year. With a toddler ... View the Post

Hi, I'm Marlene. I help modern women stay stylish with simple tips for living a glamorous lifestyle. By day, I'm a magazine editor & freelance journalist covering all things fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle, which so happens to be what I cover right here on the blog, too. I'm also a wife, mommy and firm believer a glass of Champagne can cure just about anything. Please, stay awhile and let the glitter rub off on you! You can learn more about me here.

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