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How to Pack for Anything

Whether you're sweating it out in the desert like me or just want a change of scenery, there's nothing like a good summer getaway. Lately, the question I've been getting is  "what to pack for XYZ"?  And while I love doing posts to cover specific events, places and occasions, I figure no matter where you go there's some fundamental basics involved in how to pack for a vacation. My way of packing ... View the Post

Best Places to Shop Home Decor Online

When I sent out my reader survey at the beginning of the year, by far the most-requested content addition was more Home posts! And as a total home decor addict--I'm seriously at Home Goods on a weekly basis--I get it. It's hard to resist the compulsion to constantly freshen up your home! This week, I decided to roundup my favorite places to shop home decor online + a few tips as well. Best ... View the Post

Hi, I'm Marlene. I help modern women stay stylish with simple tips for living a glamorous lifestyle. By day, I'm a magazine editor & freelance journalist covering all things fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle, which so happens to be what I cover right here on the blog, too. I'm also a wife, mommy and firm believer a glass of Champagne can cure just about anything. Please, stay awhile and let the glitter rub off on you! You can learn more about me here.

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